One of the absolute best parts of fantasy world simulation game Dwarf Fortress are the randomly generated monsters. These creatures are unique, always created from a weird list of bizarre traits and odd quirks, and some are downright bizarre. Reading the descriptions has previously been the only way to really understand them… until now. The upcoming Steam version of Dwarf Fortress will have graphics, yes, and that includes generated graphics for all the bajillion randomly generated creatures. Here are some sample Night Trolls:

Every weird creature that dwarf fortress has to offer will show up using this new system, according to a post by creator Tarn Adams. That means demons, night trolls, werecreatures, magical experiments, and, yes, forgotten beasts, will all be represented. “It’s a pixel art challenge to accurately reflect what is stated in the text,” said Adams in a Steam update, “The body positions are a bit restricted due to inventory and piece-matching requirements.” The update also shows off some new animations and quality-of-life art for stockpiles and the like.

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