For years, astronauts and cosmonauts have traveled to the International Space Station aboard Soyuz rockets launched from Kazakhstan. Later this month, however, NASA will try putting its people up there on a SpaceX rocket launched from the US, which is a pretty big deal.

To commemorate the big moment, Kerbal Space Program 2 publisher Private Division is challenging KSP players to recreate it in the game. Simulate the mission as accurately as possible based on the mission information listed on the page for DM-2, the final test flight before SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is certified for operational missions. Make sure you record the flight, then condense your video footage and upload it to Twitter, either as a reply to the original tweet (below) or as a separate tweet tagging in @KerbalSpaceP, @NASA, and @SpaceX, with the #LaunchAmerica hashtag.

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