May 19, 2024


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My Grandfather Was a Modern Day Viking Beserker

Viking- Berserker

Modern day scholars say that Berserker’s were Norse warriors who wore coats of wolf or bear skins and fought in a trance of fury. I say that they were much more than that. I believe they actually transformed into wolves and bears!

Modern day man has lost all of his spirituality and therefore the belief in Supernatural happenings is lost to him. But the writings of thousands of scholars pre 1900’s, (When there was still some spiritual energies in the world) wrote about shape shifting and shape changing.

Look at the modern day classics, “Dracula” and the “Wolf Man.” My Rune Master told me when it comes to believing what was written, “where there is smoke there is fire.”

I have proof of a Berserker in my own family. Though he didn’t change shape. My grandfather, who was born in Sweden, would bite on his tongue and go into a Rage whenever he fought. Which he did many times. He was gassed in France during WW1. He fell off a three story building while tarring a roof (and drunk). He lost the use of his left arm. In his 80’s he would take his SS check, go to his favorite bar, throw the check on the bar and say “Throw me out when this is gone. If you can.” He still fought in his 80’s with one arm.

Berserkers were also known as Odin’s warriors, for they all carried spears and had runes either tattooed or drawn on their bodies.

King Harolds’s army included a warrior gang of Berserker’s who fought under the name of the Norse God of War, Tyr. They all carried Tyr’s rune, on their shields int battle.

Berserker’s are mentioned in the Ynglinga Saga. “Odin’s warriors rushed forward without armor, they were as mad a wolves or bears, bit their shields and were as strong as wild Bulls, and killed people in one blow, but neither fire nor iron told upon themselves…”

Berserker’s appear in many of the Sagas and poems including “The Saga of Hrolf Krakl.”

In Egil’s Saga, Egil’s grandfather was named Kueld-ulf which means “Werewolf.” Kueld-ulf’s son, Skalla-Grimm was a Berserker.

The Varangian Guard (Norse Warriors working in the service of the Byzantine Empire) performed a “Berserker Dance” wearing animal skins and masks.

In 1015, Janc Eirkr Hakonarson of Norway outlawed Berserker’s and sentenced them to out lawry. By the 1100’s organized Berserker war bands disappeared.

But according to our new laws of Quantum Physics, Berserker’s still exist in the Quantum Ocean. You might want to attract one or two of them to protect your property if you live in a bad part of town.