December 7, 2022


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Most Anticipated Android Games For 2022

Android gaming has really come into its own in the last couple of years, and some of the latest gaming apps can give the classic console versions a run for their money. Gaming apps are the most popular products in the Play Store, but with so many it can be a bit of a challenge to find the ones worth playing.

Here to help you decide what to download is our list of the most eagerly anticipated Android games for 2022. We have focused on the premium gaming experience, meaning, casino apps that are hidden as gaming we have skipped. Go to to find this type of games. Some of these are still in beta testing, but all of them have a release date slated for some time this year. Let’s get started.

Apex Legends

It may feel like we have been waiting a long time for the mobile version of this Respawn Entertainment battle royale game, but in fact the console and PC versions were only released in 2019. The mobile game has been designed exclusively for the medium, rather than adapted from the existing game. This means the game and controls will be completely optimized for the mobile screen, so we can hope for a superior product. Head on over to the Play Store to see if you can sign up to be part of the alpha testing phase.

Grand Theft Auto : The Trilogy

The latest mobile game from Rockstar is not exactly a new offering, but a remastered and repackaged version of three of their most iconic GTA games. In the trilogy you will find GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas with improved controls, graphics, and AI. The updates include improvements to NPC characterization and backgrounds, without losing the retro feel of the originals. The PC and console versions received some criticism when they were released at the end of last year, so we can be fairly sure that Rockstar will have made some changes by the time it hits mobile.

Battlefield Mobile

The gloriously chaotic, high budget production Battlefield comes to mobile screens this year. A game like this could not have realistically been released on mobile before now, as the technology available couldn’t support the scope and resolution needed to do it justice. DICE must believe that the tech has caught up finally, and the franchise will get its mobile debut very soon. Expect exclusive mobile play modes, as well as the four familiar classes of Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon.

Diablo Immortal

Brace yourselves for Diablo Immortal, a mobile MMORPG like no other. This game is no adapted console version, but a completely standalone mobile offering built from the ground up. The storyline falls between the events of Diablo II and III, and the game offers single player and multiplayer modes. Initial buzz around the title has been very positive, so we can’t wait to see if it will live up to the hype.


Valorant came out in 2020 on console, and the first person shooter was an immediate success. As soon as Riot were sure that they had a certified hit on their hands, they commenced with their plans to bring it to mobile. Just two years later and we can hope to see a release date before the end of 2022. Riot have already proved that they can produce a great mobile game with League of Legends: Wild Rift, so we can’t wait to see what they do with Valorant.


Unfortunately, it looks like it might be wishful thinking to expect a Dauntless mobile game in 2022. Even so, we can hope. After enthusiastically promising a mobile version soon after the release of the PC and console game back in 2019, plans were quickly put on hold and then the team at Phoenix Labs went very quiet. There have been some indications that a new shooter game is in the works, but whether this is the long-awaited mobile Dauntless, or something entirely new, remains to be seen.

Supercell Clash trilogy

Unlike most of the developers on this list, Supercell have exclusively made games for mobile and tablet since day one. Their incredibly popular Clash series is set to see a trio of new releases this year; Clash Heroes, Clash Mini, and Clash Quest. Each of the games is the project of a separate team within Supercell, and each will be in a different genre. Clash Heroes will be an RPG with up to three player co-op, while Clash Quest is a single player game with match three elements. Clash Mini and Quest are already available at the Play Store.

Plants vs. Zombies 3

This garden warfare strategy game from PopCap Games and EA turns thirteen this year. And it seems like Plants vs. Zombies is going through an awkward stage, having pulled an earlier soft release of the mobile game in response to player feedback. The all-new version is expected to feature 3D graphics and portrait mode play.

Star Wars: Hunters

If some of the titles on this list remain rather vague promises, Star Wars: Hunters seems to be a fully-realized game just waiting to be released. A visit to the official website gives us a good look at what to expect, including a full rundown of all the playable characters and detailed updates on all the latest progress with the soft launch. The arena combat game should be ready for download very soon, and we can’t wait.

Racing Master

Codemasters and NetEase Games have been working on this ultra-ambitious motorsport game since 2018. Every aspect of the game has been developed with a close attention to detail and a focus on hyper-realistic gameplay. Racing Master has over 100 customizable vehicles and multiple playing modes. The tracks are based on city street circuits and real life racing tracks, and each vehicle has been rendered with the help of 3D scanning. If it lives up to its promise, Racing Master could be one of the most exciting and dynamic racing games since Gran Turismo. We really hope that this one hits the app stores in 2022, and since it’s being beta tested in the US and Canada, that seems likely.