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Mods to make Stardew Valley feel fresh again


Spice up your following vacation to Pelican Town

Stardew Valley is a single of my most-played games of all time, with hundreds of several hours throughout four unique platforms, but eventually, I arrived at a place where by I was burned out on the vanilla expertise. Luckily, Stardew has one particular of the most robust modding communities out there, with nicely above 400 internet pages on Nexus Mods alone.

There are tons of mods that can enable with excellent-of-life stuff, or just aid you straight-up cheat, like the Item Spawner or NPC Map Areas mods, but if you seriously want to make Stardew Valley truly feel brand new in glance or experience, we have compiled a record of some of the most effective material and reskin mods for the recreation out there.

Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley Expanded

As just one of the most common Stardew mods to day, Stardew Valley Expanded is a should for any one who’s searching to give the sport a new lifestyle. This enormous mod involves 27 new NPCs, 50 new locations, 260 character activities, 27 fish, reimagined spots from the foundation recreation, new farm maps, as effectively as new music, questlines, objects, crops, festivals, and a lot more. This one particular could hold you hectic for a further number of hundred hrs at minimum.

Ridgeside Village

Ridgeside Village is nevertheless one more massive story expansion mod that allows you investigate a entire other city. There are above 50 new NPCs to get to know, new products, outlets, festivals, new music, quests — you name it. Very similar to Stardew Valley Expanded, Ridgeside Village makes the match truly feel model new once more, and I know I for a single adore the concept of having to romance some new new NPCs.

Aesthetic Valley – Cottagecore

Aesthetic Valley – Cottagecore

Part of why so lots of of us love Stardew Valley is for the reason that it provides on the small-city, cozy life-style that a lot of of us are craving. To make your time in Pelican City experience even extra whimsical, you can down load this reskin mod that will make anything appear like an cute cottagecore dream.

Pelican Fiber

If you’re feeling a small bit lazier, you can always download the Pelican Fiber mod. The strategy is that Joja has set up large-velocity online in the town, so you can do anything you could maybe want from the comfort of your own dwelling. Many thanks to Pelican Fiber, you can enhance your tools, request properties from Robin, get hats, and so a great deal more, all with no acquiring to action foot out your front door.

Starblue Valley

Starblue Valley

If you like the concept of a recolor but want a little something that looks a tiny much more all-natural, Starblue Valley is probably more your velocity. It keeps with the original colour scheme of the foundation recreation, but largely just turns down the saturation to make the shades look a very little a lot more like serious daily life. Not rather as a lot enjoyment if you talk to me, but it is fantastic for the realists out there.

Pelican Postal Company

Stardew is acknowledged for staying really equivalent to Animal Crossing since of its pacing and community simulator gameplay, so why not install a mod that makes it a minor far more like Animal Crossing? The Pelican Postal Company mod enables you to deliver mail to your pals, and of system, you can mail them provides if you want.

Canon-friendly Dialogue Growth

Setting up relationships with the townsfolk is a single of the most enjoyment and wholesome components of Stardew Valley, but right after you engage in for a while, the dialogue can get started to feel a little bit stale. Many thanks to this dialogue expansion mod, there’s a entire whole lot more to converse about, and it even guarantees to be canon-friendly.

Fantasy Crops

Stardew Valley Fantasy Crops mod

The moment you have played by way of Stardew a several instances, having to go to the mines to get means — or God forbid Cranium Cavern — can experience like a little bit of a headache. Many thanks to the Fantasy Crops mod, you’ll be equipped to grow your very have means at property as crops, including coal, gold, and sure, even iridium.

Deep Woods

Stardew gamers know the map like the again of their hand, but if you are an individual who’s seeking to insert a little little bit much more thriller and exploration into their playthrough, the Deep Woods mod could possibly be for you. It adds a procedurally generated forest where the Magic formula Woods generally are, turning them into in essence what mines are, but like, a forest. The mod’s creator warns that the Deep Woods are fairly difficult, intended to insert to the late recreation, so don’t go wandering in as well quickly!

Blue Grass Recolor

Blue Grass Recolor

Never get me mistaken, I imagine Stardew Valley is a attractive sport, but sometimes I just actually don’t vibe with the color scheme it has heading on — particularly that bright yellow colour of the dust. There are a good deal of recolor mods out there to cure this scenario, and Blue Grass Recolor comes about to be a single of my favorites. It washes the planet in gorgeous pastels, including turning the grass blue in the summer season.

Medieval Properties

The properties in Stardew have a quaint, cozy emotion to them, but just after your 2nd or third playthrough, they can get started to really feel a bit monotonous. If you want to include a whimsical, timeless feeling to the constructions all over your farm, the Medieval Buildings mod is a wonderful option.

Greater Toddler Mod

Better Toddler Mod

I in no way genuinely assumed about it, but now that another person delivers it up, it is fairly unusual that your young ones in the recreation under no circumstances actually glance like you or your spouse. Many thanks to the Better Toddler mod, now your minimal tikes will appear just like the NPC you chose to wed, or you can just customise them to glimpse like whatever you want.

A number of Spouses

Hate obtaining to choose which NPC you want to romance on any supplied playthrough? Now you never have to! With the A number of Spouses mod, you can not only marry a number of NPCs, but you can day when you’re married, day formerly non-dateable NPCs, and even have amicable interactions with your ex-spouses.

Anime Character Portraits

Stardew Valley Anime Character Portraits mod

Do not get me mistaken, ConcernedApe is a excellent artist, but I’ve viewed some character portrait mods out there that fully revamp the glance of the video game. One particular alternative you can go for is the anime reskin, which will make all of the NPCs glimpse like they are fresh new out of your most loved shounen. The desire boats of Pelican Town just acquired even dreamier.

Expanded Climates

If you are seeking for a very little little bit more variation in the climate you can knowledge in Pelican Town, look no further than the expanded climates mod. This Stardew Valley mod provides fog, dry lightning, blizzards, and even whiteouts, which can even include a new degree of trouble to the recreation — you know, since you can not see. This could be a enjoyment way to bring out your inner survivalist on your following playthrough.

Rustic Place Town Interiors

Rustic Country Town Interiors

If you are a single to want to alter how your properties glance on the exterior, do not overlook the interiors as properly! This Rustic State City Interiors mod mellows out the shades on the inside of structures, generating for a pleasant aesthetic that ties in properly with other recolor and visual mods. The Saloon’s new glance is my particular favored, comprehensive with ornate bar stools and a longhorn skull hanging on the wall by the jukebox.

Hotspring Farm Cave

I’ll be straightforward, a ton of the time I overlook that the cave on my farm even exists, and I stop up having mushrooms or fruit elsewhere so I don’t use it all that substantially when I do bear in mind it. If you uncover your self in the exact boat, why not convert that darkish, dank cave into a comforting warm spring working experience? With the Scorching Spring Farm Cave mod, you have your have personal location to get a dip, and you can even plant some crops down there.


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