(via Lords of Gaming) (Image credit: Mojang)

Minecraft Dungeons is a action-RPG dungeon crawler in the style of Minecraft—thus the title. We said in our recent look at the game that it feels closer to games like Castle Crashers, or even Overcooked, but the most obvious comparison is to the king of the genre: Diablo. It came out today, and it turns out that the Diablo connection is more than skin deep: Minecraft Dungeons has a secret cow level.

Lords of Gaming has a good breakdown of how to get to it, but the short version is that after you’ve finished Minecraft Dungeons once, you’ll need to find your way into a giant church near your camp. Once inside, you’ll interact with a painting of a dog, which will reveal locations in other levels of the game that you’ll need to revisit in order to discover hidden runes. Get them all, come back, push the big shiny button, and the gateway to the secret level, called Moo?, will be opened.

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