Metamorphosis, inspired by the Franz Kakfa novella of the same, is a game about waking up to discover that you’ve been turned into a small insect of some sort, and also that your friend Joseph has been arrested. That’s kind of a weird pairing of events, eh? In fact the whole thing looks very weird, and a new trailer that dropped today to reveal the August 12 release date does not help dispel that notion.

The tone of the new video is quite a shift from the April reveal teaser, in which an unfortunate insect—perhaps your friend Joseph?—undergoes an unpleasant one-on-one insect interrogation. This one takes a broader look at bug life as a whole, including jobs, leisure time, and the surprisingly complex society our little bug friends live in. It actually looks not entirely unpleasant, although I do think that some of these folks could stand to clean out their drawers a little more often.

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