April 23, 2024


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Memphis, Bubbleland – Game Jam Build Download


Memphis, Bubbleland is a very weird and inventive experience where you join other players on a sightseeing tour around the remnants of a Memphis that was ravaged by swarms of flying eels.

Created by Sand Gardeners (creators of Exhaustlands and Cashbags) is a very unique game where you take a virtual bus tour through the desolate remains of Memphis. Interestingly, you have to turn up at a specific time to play the game and there are only 28 seats on each bus, so if you miss out then you’ll have to wait until the next one (which could be days).

There’s not a huge amount of interaction in the game – you simply sit in the bus, enjoy your surroundings and listen to the tour guide as they talk about the history of Memphis and the remarkable life of a man called Wet Morris. Every now and again you also get to vote on something such as a destination or the direction the dialogue will go.

There are a few small things that would be nice to add, such as a driver, being able to get off the bus when it stops and positioning the dialogue so that it’s not obscuring the view so much. It’s a very clever concept though, with some very interesting lore and the fact that you have to turn up at a specific time makes it feel like much more of an event. All aboard for this magical mystery tour!

Download Memphis, Bubbleland Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)


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