May 19, 2024


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Mediatonic Details Fall Guys PlayStation Launcher Install Process


Mediatonic was last year acquired by Epic Games, and as such, the developer’s games are set to install and play via the Epic Games launcher moving forward. That, of course, includes Fall Guys, the popular party game, and today Mediatonic has detailed exactly how the process works ahead of the transition on May 9.

Here are the key takeaways via today’s press release:

  • Starting April 5, the new Fall Guys PlayStation Launcher will be available on the PlayStation Store, and will be required to keep playing if you’re an existing owner of the game.
  • If you’re an existing owner of Fall Guys on PS4/5, the new Fall Guys PlayStation Launcher should appear in your Game Library automatically, and all content will transfer. Just hit the PS Library button when it appears!
  • Once you’ve downloaded Fall Guys from the new launcher, we encourage you to delete the old one to free up storage space. After April 5, the old launcher icon will be greyed out. 
  • Claim your free Retro Shark outfit (available until the end of Season 6) through the DLC Store button in the in-game Store page and prepare for the glorious future of Fall Guys by downloading and installing the new launcher from the PlayStation Store after April 5. 

You can see an image of the free Shark costume below.

Fall Guys has proved hugely popular across all platforms, including PC. Indeed, Fallout enjoyed the biggest PC launch since Overwatch, netting $185 million on release. The game’s insane success probably factored into Epic’s decision to purchase the studio.