Square Enix ran a nearly hour-long livestream today for Marvel’s Avengers, first rolling a new trailer and then diving deeper into combat and character customization. You can watch the whole stream embedded above. 

Despite enjoying the Marvel movies, I’m having trouble getting on board with this one. The trailer doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in this story—it starts with what feels like a parody of cliche whispery villain monologuing with a drawn out metaphor, and then shows lots of infighting amongst the Avengers in the wake of Captain America’s death, which all feels a bit melodramatic when we all know Cap will, of course, come back.

A note on Avengers editorial director

Today’s Avengers livestream was narrated by Crystal Dynamics editorial director Casey Lynch, formerly editor-in-chief at IGN. In recent days, his behavior at IGN has been called out by former employees for perpetuating a toxic work culture along with other senior managers at the time.

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