Have you heard about Madden NFL series, which can be a hit in the gaming market?

NFL 23 will soon come out, and with more improvements made to the game, the game may surely change the lifestyle of players as it has ever done. When the game is ready to play, you can visit Buymmog to get MUT 23 coins and build up your most powerful NFL team of all time.

Tracing back to its origin, we can tell that Madden NFL, a video game franchise featuring American football, was created by EA Tiburon for EA Sports, and it was not until 1993 that the game was formerly known as John Madden Football.

By 2018, it has been surely a hit in the market that has been sold under the game’s John Madden brand, honoring the legendary coach and analyst of professional football, which is the only game franchise with an official NFL license.

Thanks to the Madden NFL series, many people’s lives have changed a lot, and even several football players and coaches have benefited from the game.

Trip Hawkins, the creator of Electronic Arts (EA), came up with the idea for the series and enlisted Madden’s assistance and endorsement in 1984. And due to Madden’s determination that the game is as realistic as possible, the first version of John Madden Football wasn’t released until 1988. Since 1990, EA has issued yearly updates. In 1993, after obtaining the rights to feature NFL clubs and players, the series’ name was changed to Madden NFL.

With the technology improving, aside from detailed playbooks and player data, there is also voice commentary similar to that found on actual NFL television broadcasts, which appeals to more players, and the graphics have evolved a lot to the next-gen, all those cater to the needs of modern gaming players, more new ways of playing are there as well. Let’s look forward to the NFL 23.

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