Legends of Runeterra is an excellent alternative to Hearthstone partly because it ditches costly booster packs for a much more generous progression system, and now that system is becoming even more giving. Regardless of whether you buy cards or only earn them through regular play, a March 31 update will overhaul the progression system by removing limits on spending and guaranteeing better rewards from the weekly chest.

If you’re unfamiliar with how cards are earned in Legends of Runeterra, these changes might be a little hard to comprehend. The gist is that instead of gambling on booster packs, players can purchase cards directly using Wildcards of the corresponding rarity. These Wildcards can be bought using premium currency or earned from Legends of Runeterra’s draft mode, a weekly chest (called the Weekly Vault), and free battle passes that players level up through regular play. Each time you complete a daily quest or play, you earn experience that levels up your Weekly Vault, gaining exponentially better rewards.

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