League of Legends: Wild Rift is a faster, simpler version of the incredibly intimidating PC MOBA, and it looks really good so far. The mobile and console spin-off was first announced during Riot Games’ tenth anniversary livestream back in October, but at the time all we knew was it would be a pared down version of LoL. Today, though, Riot finally showed off an extended gameplay preview and talked about core systems like cosmetic skins, the champion roster, and more.

If you’re a LoL fan, the video above is worth watching in its entirety because there’s a lot of information covered and parts of Wild Rift are better understood by seeing them in action. But the gist is that, well, Wild Rift looks great. Instead of clicking furiously to move your character around, you control them directly using a virtual touch joystick for your left thumb, with abilities controlled by your right thumb. Skill shots like Olaf’s axe throw, for example, will automatically turn the ability button into a second virtual joystick for aiming, effectively turning Wild Rift into a twin-stick shooter of sorts.

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