July 20, 2024


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Latest Trends in Mobile Video Advertising

Latest Trends in Mobile Video Advertising

With a veritable deluge of smart phones hitting stores next door and manufacturers responding by creating mobile-friendly web applications, mobile phones have become the best platform for advertising. Games are one of the most popular ways to monetize mobile traffic and the iPhone has shown new routes to monetization by throwing open their doors for third-party applications.

Driving more users to the GPRS space of mobile phones, the social media craze has got users to use their smart phones for more than just emailing, instant messaging or browsing. Facebook alone has 300 million users (as per Dec, 09) with Twitter constantly challenging them with similar attractive numbers. Almost a quarter of the total Facebook users connect through the mobile phone. With such a huge numbers, advertisement options have multiplied and new ways to monetize mobile traffic have evolved.

To Monetize Mobile Traffic

The different ways to monetize mobile traffic are:

* Banners and mobile web posters

* MMS advertisement

* Advertisement within mobile games

* Full-screen interstitials

* Audio advertisements before voice mails, such as phone-enabled ticket booking or directory assistance.

Still games tend to be the most engaging app of all and advertisements placed within the games tend to have the best ROI. Interstitial advertisements that appear while users download or browse different applications, too, produce impressive ROI. Helping advertisers assess the best of these new options, an ad campaign’s impact can be measured by impressions (views) and click-through rates. Other matrices such as conversion rates and click-to-call rates are also used.

Your Best Bet To Monetize Mobile Traffic

The best way to monetize mobile traffic is to deliver interactive advertisements. Take for example; videos have hot spots that can be used to launch the product page. This way, advertisers not only give control to users, but also generate more retention of their campaign. Other engagement tools like surveys or polls can be integrated along with applications.