The bots are not long gone forever, but this new update would seem like a great initial stage

Valve has issued a new Workforce Fortress 2 update. It’s the first a person considering the fact that the massive #SaveTF2 movement that drew attention to the large bot trouble in Group Fortress 2. And although the new update isn’t a remedy-all, the group seems to sense it’s a start off.

The update, which went live Tuesday night, addresses numerous worries. Amongst the updates are a number of that assistance with the bot problem in Group Fortress 2 users can no for a longer period improve names throughout a matchmaking sport, for example. Both teams are in a position to operate kick votes at the similar time, as perfectly as a world vote jogging at the same time as a kick vote. And it cleared out an exploit that authorized bots to apparent the in-game chat, disrupting conversation.

These updates make it a lot easier, essentially, to kick the bots than it was just before the update. Valve acknowledged the concern following a protest in Could, expressing it saw how huge the challenge has grow to be and that the corporation was doing work on increasing items. out?v=C4cfo0f88Ug

The bot wars proceed

So what’s the community’s reaction? Perfectly, it appears to be that it is a begin. Comments on the r/tf2 subreddit appear cautiously optimistic, as gamers note that some of these fixes—like protecting against bots from name-swapping to stay clear of kicks or get human beings kicked—are notable high-quality-of-life updates.

Fanbyte spoke to ShorK, a Workforce Fortress 2 neighborhood member who was section of the #SaveTF2 protest, and they feel encouraged.

“People are pleased that they are having small measures, but because of this strange, outdated bug take care of, folks consider Valve might be finding ready to press out far more bug fixes and receiving stuff fixed, for once,” ShorK told Fanbyte. “It appears to be quite promising that they are accomplishing it this way.”

Though Group Fortress 2 has been all-around for ages, it is retained its reputation above the several years and however attracts in gamers. Ideally for the followers, this is the beginning. Suitable now, the group appears to be emphasizing that this is a nice start out, but not an close-all option.

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