Earlier this year Noblechairs and Bethesda announced they were teaming up to create a range of videogame-inspired gaming chairs, the first of which, a Fallout-inspired Vault-Tech Edition, is now available to purchase.

The Fallout Vault-Tec Edition gaming chair is available to buy either directly from the Noblechairs store or via “many retailers worldwide”. It comes in blue and yellow upholstery, with Vault-Tec’s cheery mascot offering the thumbs-up across the front and rear. It’s definitely a strong style, so is probably one for mega-fans only, I’d imagine.

Noblechairs Vault-Tec Edition gaming chair

(Image credit: Noblechairs)

The Fallout Vault-Tec Edition gaming chair sticks to the Hero design we know and love (that’s one of the best gaming chairs, don’t you know), so you can be sure that the chair beneath the boy is up to scratch. That means you’re receiving adjustable lumbar support, a memory foam headrest, a PU-leather construction, and plenty of adjustable knobs and levers.

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