If you like free games (and who doesn’t?) then you’ll want to take a trip around to the Epic Games Store today (or sometime within the next week), because today is Thursday and that means a pair of fresh freebies are up for the taking. This time around it’s the open-world calamity simulator Just Cause 4, and Wheels of Aurelia, “an immersive road trip through the gritty western coast of Italy during the roaring 1970s.”

Just Cause 4 follows the adventures of super-agent Rico Rodriguez, who travels to Solis to discover the truth about his past and blow stuff up—and more the latter than the former, I think. Story is definitely not the thing here, but Rico ramps a motorcycle into a helicopter and then surfs on the roof of a classic American muscle car as it blows through a hurricane and then flies to safety with his jetpack, so, story, schmory. We know what we’re here for.

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