Footballer misses out on Netherlands call up after failing to reply fast  enough on Whatsapp… as he was visiting sick mum - UK News

The promising goalie playing for Ajax has missed his call to the national team because he did not immediately answer a message sent to him via WhatsApp Messenger. Gorter was in the hospital and did not want to disturb his mother who is suffering from a kidney issue and currently receives medical attention. 

The bitter pill becomes bitterer

The career of young Jay Gorter seems to be a little chaotic with his constant transfers. He is only 22 and will surely find a long-term home in the nearest future. So far, his journey has consisted of mostly Dutch clubs passing him around during transfer windows. The goalie certainly has a lot of potentials and has been quite good during his time with Go Ahead Eagles.

After signing with Ajax, he received a lot of criticism for his appearance against PSV Eindhoven where he conceded two goals that could have been prevented. At least, it is what fans say. In general, his performances for GAE were mostly fine and even impressive, but he failed to deliver a good performance in his two games for Ajax.

Nevertheless, he was considered by Sierd van der Berg, the current goalie coach at the Dutch national football team. The only problem is that he was notified about the interest in his person via Whatsapp and could not answer immediately due to being with his mother. The invitation to trials was promptly retracted.

Gorter will miss out on important international matches

The Netherlands will be facing Belgium and Romania in the nearest future. The team needs to be in its peak form to beat its opposition. Sadly, the competition for the goalkeeper’s position is quite tight with even bench seats taken in advance. The unfortunate situation that Jay Gorter found himself in is a bitter pill to swallow, but there is hardly anyone to blame.

Gorter will skip upcoming international matches and will likely spend another year without being on the national roster. While it is a big hit to his career, the goalie can find new opportunities if he will have his Whatsapp notifications active during the next call from the national squad.

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