We’ve not had high hopes for Intel’s discrete DG1 GPU—not since the CES trade show when Intel demonstrated some rather lacklustre performance from its maiden chip. Since then it’s also shot down any hope of a high-end Intel Xe gaming GPU or an add-in card option for desktop anytime soon—so just a mobile entry-level chip it is then. That could still make for a decent gaming laptop though, right?

I wouldn’t set your expectations high for gaming performance. An Intel chip going by the name “Gen12 Desktop Graphics Controller”—almost certainly Intel’s DG1 GPU by another name—has been spotted in the Geekbench benchmark database by serial leaker TUM_APISAK. It posted an OpenCL performance score of 55,373, which puts it a little faster than Nvidia’s low-power MX250 dGPU with scores around the 48,000 mark.

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