‘The world’s fastest gaming processor.’ That’s how the Core i9 10900K, from the new Intel Comet Lake processor generation, is being marketed by the blue team. That’s based on its own benchmarks, putting the 10-core chip’s frame rate performance, across 25+ different games, up against that of the eight-core i9 9900KS and AMD’s 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X.

By its own testing that’s probably true, and we’ve seen Intel’s traditional gaming performance keeping the big boy Ryzen mega-core chip down even against a Core i9 CPU with half the cores. Realistically then the competition for the ‘world’s fastest gaming processor’ probably isn’t coming from AMD, the competition is more about how it can keep the i9 10900K delivering higher gaming performance than the limited edition, now off-sale, Core i9 9900KS.

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