June 20, 2024


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Innovative Ideas For Mobile Apps For Your Small Business

Mobile apps, if designed with innovation, can help your business grow and may encourage customers to engage in repeat purchases. But with so many mobile apps out there, it is important to have yours stand out from the crowd. This article will examine two sets of ideas that might help make your app stand out so that your small business can benefit.

#1: Establish Some Kind Of Game Where Your Customer Can Get Discounts Or Specials If They Achieve A Certain Goal

People love to play games. Whether it is ping-pong, Tetris, or some kind of shooting game, people become addicted to those things. Just look at the example of Candy Crush and the addictions that it caused. Thus, it would be unique to have some kind of game linked to your mobile app, preferably one related to your business. For example, if your small business was a tool business, you could have a Candy Crush type game using tools or other products that your business sells as opposed to pieces of candy.

But having a game for your app is not enough. People are more motivated to play if there are rewards involved. It might be that a certain number of points are needed or that one has to reach a certain level to achieve a special discount or coupon. When people are addicted to something and enjoy it, they will tell their friends or family to try it and thus, your business could see a major increase in sales and profit if you get the right people to download your business app.

#2: Offer A Special Sweepstakes Only Accessible Through The App

Think back to the McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes, or anytime a restaurant or business had a sweepstakes where you would have to make a set of purchases in order to get a game piece. You could have an app where you have a similar concept and whoever can get the necessary pieces may win a special prize. This would encourage more sales as people would buy more in order to win the special prize or prizes. An app is also an easier method to keep track of game pieces since they are all digital. There is not the burden of a piece of paper and losing your pieces.