In 2020 Volcanobytes, Defecto Digital, Beyker, ThePope and BitFans, with address/box art by Dani Diez, introduced the incredible ZX Spectrum recreation of The Curse of Trasmoz an Arcade game in which you performed as a courageous hero, on a quest to split an evil curse all through numerous areas of additional than 20 difficult nevertheless well designed stages. Nicely rapid forward to currently and thanks to Volcano Bytes who contacted us nonetheless once again by means of Twitter, they have shown some brand name new footage of the upcoming Amstrad version named ‘Revenge of Trasmoz’.

Of course in truth if you beloved enjoying The Curse of Trasmoz on the ZX Spectrum you may like this information story. As not only is Revenge of Trasmoz motivated by the unique layout of “The Curse of Trasmoz”, but it truly is remaining created using CPC Method by cperezgrin and VolcanoBytes, tunes by BeykerSoft, and is but yet another Arcade match but this time for up to two gamers! So certainly we are certainly searching forward to this game, and much more so as it really is for my particular preferred technique the Amstrad CPC!

  • This activity is now in advancement by Carlos Pérezgrin & Borja de Tena
  • Songs & Seem Fx by Beyker & A. Pérez
  • Include Art & Gfx assistance by Dani Diez
  • Loading Screen by BitFans
  • *Made with Like & CPCtelera from Francisco Gallego

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