Here are some of the things I did in the hour I spent playing the demo for Succubus. 

  • Tore a baby out of a woman and drank its blood.
  • Punched off a man’s jaw, ripped off his dick, then stomped on it.
  • Watched a man feed his own excrement to a big-headed, demonic child.
  • Kicked “martyrs” into spikes.
  • Took a bath in blood using hellbugs as sponges.

Succubus is a spin-off of Agony, the horror game set in Hell released by Madmind Studio in 2018. Unlike Agony, which was mostly about avoiding combat, this is a full-on action game complete with a wheel of weapons and power, a rage meter, and a kick like the one in Dark Messiah only not as good. You play Vydija, a “demonic priestess of lust” out for revenge on the demons who wronged you.

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