I love my high resolution, high refresh rate gaming monitor, but the thin black rectangles of modern displays don’t excite me anymore. Maybe it’s just because they’re everywhere now and I’m used to them, or I’ve hit the age where I’m hopelessly nostalgic for the past—either way, I’m tired of LCDs and super pumped about CRTs, these days. I stumbled upon the Twitter account CRT Bot over the weekend, and now I just want to keep scrolling through its tweets to look at endless pictures of old monitors and TVs while shouting “AESTHETIC!” into the sky.

CRT Bot is a very simple Twitter account. It seems to tweet about 5-10 times a day, and the photos often showcase retro games or high-end monitors. There are a lot of photos of Sony BVM and PVM monitors, which are more or less the highest quality CRT displays ever made. They were capable of a much sharper picture than the average CRT, because they were designed for professionals (P) and broadcasters (B) and cost thousands of dollars (you can read a lot more about them in an article I wrote half a decade ago).

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