Something was a little off about the Doom Eternal soundtrack that released in April: As audio expert thatACDCguy explained on Twitter, the OST mix of some songs is heavily compressed. “The music itself is phenomenal, but this mix on the official soundtrack is frankly terrible,” they wrote. Composer Mick Gordon responded to say that he didn’t mix the majority of the tracks on the OST, and later implied that some kind of beef with id Software was going on, telling a fan that he doubted he’d work with the studio again in the future.

It all seemed very odd. Gordon is a prolific videogame composer who has a long and fruitful working history with Bethesda on the Doom, Wolfenstein, and Prey games, and his Doom soundtrack from 2016 earned him multiple awards and nominations. Gordon himself hasn’t commented on the matter further, but Doom Eternal executive producer Marty Stratton posted a lengthy “open letter” to Reddit today to explain his side of the story and defend Doom Eternal’s lead audio designer.

For id, this has created an unsustainable pattern of project uncertainty and risk.

Marty Stratton

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