FIFA 19 is not a difficult game to play on Xbox one, but you need to know the proper controller to enjoy the game and score some goal for your team.

Some of the Xbox gamers don’t know all the controller of FIFA 19 game due to which they are struggling in winning matches.

So if you are an Xbox FIFA gamer and you are also struggling while playing FIFA on Xbox, I will tell you all the control that will help you to master the game.

Player Movement

In order to move to the player, you need to press the L button on XBOX. RT + direction is used for Sprint, for Shield/Jockey you need to hold down LT and a direction button.

First Touch/Knock-On can be done using RT + R + direction. The R button is used to make a skill moves, and LB is used to Stop and Face the goal.

Face up Dribbling can be done by pressing LT + RT button. If you want to stop the ball, you need to press the RT button.

Attacking – Simple

Ground pass of a header pass can be done using the A button. Lob Pass/Cross/Header action is performed using the X button. To through the ball you need to press Y and to shoot you are demanded to press the B button.

If you want to make a chip shot press LB and B button at a time. For time shot hold   B + B buttons. No Touch Feints can be a performance with RB + L button.

To dodge the opponent team, you can perform a fake shot by press B then A + direction button. Fake Pass can be made by pressing X then A + direction.

Finesse shot demands you to press RB + B, and low shot can be made by pressing B + Tap B button. However, all these shots need some practice. So if you want to master these shots, try to spend more time on performing them.

Attacking – Advance

For an advance attacking mode, you need to master some extra button. You can do a protect ball with the LT button. High Lob shot can be made by pressing LB + X while the Low cross needs X + X button.

The Scoop Lob can be made with LT + X. You can also call for your teammate support by pressing the RB button. Dummy pass can be made by pressing RB and hold it.

If you want to do a flair pass press LT + A while, the Flair Shot demands LT + B button. To let the ball run press the RB button and a direction button.


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