April 13, 2024


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How to Play Burger Island 2 – A Free Game Review and Guide

Patty Melton is busy serving up fun in the enjoyable frantic time management game Burger Island 2. With unchanged game play from the last title, the overall high polish quality of the game keeps the game fresh.

The production values are of very high quality and the cartoon cut scenes are especially impressive to look at. They help tell the story of Patty and her friend Pierre taking on their business rival run by Edie Cole who seems to be taking all of Beach Burger’s customers. To make matters worse, someone has kidnapped the local master chef The Tiki Chief and stolen his secrets.

Like all time management games, you must be organized and quick on the draw to serve as many customers as possible. You must cook burgers, omelets and nachos to hordes of hungry customers every day. Each meal has a different recipe that you must master and the orders vary so you have to keep sharp in order to not screw up or keep your customers waiting too long. Each order is set before you as a plastic serving tray with a thermometer showing how much time is left before your customer leaves angry and hungry.

Each day you have a set cash goal you must achieve to advance to the next day. This means you must quickly dish out burgers, nachos, omelet’s, pile on cheese and other condiments which all result in some good frantic action. It is not rocket science but it definitely makes you feel the heat of the kitchen as you rush from one order to the next.

The graphics are great and the basic game play makes for an entertaining game experience. The only thing I am wishing from this game is a bit more variety of the game play considering this is the sequel to Burger Island. It feels a bit too much of the same elements of the previous title.

Here are some tips and hints that might help you become better at this entertaining fun game.

Basic Strategy

1. Multiples: Hold as many patties or food orders as possible

2. Group your work: Work similar to real production lines and use the same ingredient rapidly to get your orders completed quicker.

3. Simplify: If you are getting a lot of orders, try taking all the similar orders and complete them all at once

4. Perfection: Each main ingredient has a “perfect” cooked level. Strive to make each order perfect and you will receive higher profit from your customers.

Advanced Strategies

Watch the Burns: If you are about to burn your orders click them just before to hold them in Patty’s hands. Since they are the base for most recipes you will be able to use them quickly anyways so don’t be afraid of loading up.

Guessing Game: Since all recipes start with the one base ingredient, cook multiples at the same time even if the order isn’t placed. You can use the Watch The Burns trick to help get ahead of the order backlog.

Keep practicing and I hope you found this game review and guide helpful in your burger flipping adventures.