July 20, 2024


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How to Jump Higher For Basketball

How to Jump Higher For Basketball

Ever since our beloved sport – or rather: PASSION – was born, players have been looking to jump higher – get more air. I mean, one of the most important abilities in basketball is getting air. Massive amounts of air.

So how should you train? There are plenty of ways nowadays to boost your performance in jumping higher in basketball. But it’s just as interesting to look at what people are doing wrong in an attempt to get improve their basketball game. A lot of the effort put into jumping higher resulted in injury or crappy results, so it’s real important that you understand what NOT to do. We’re not saying these are necessarily harmful exercises, but they sure won’t bring you fast results. Don’t avoid these exercises, because, done right and with the right program, they’ll help your basketball game. This is where we shall point out that if you experience any sort of injury, have any health problems, have any questions, or you feel any pain while exercising, then stop, and consider consulting a doctor. So that was our disclaimer:)

1. Relying on a single approach: if you only jump rope, you’ll see fast results – initially. After a while, you’ll plateau and won’t be able to improve. The surest way to see small results and then stop improving is doing just one approach: like weights only or plyometrics only or just jumping

2. Building muscle endurance: this is wrong because what you need in this sport primarily is explosive muscles – fast twitch fibers. This means that endurance workouts seldom do you good in the longer run.

3. Neglecting stretching: flexibility and loose muscles are key ingredients of strength and athletic ability. Jumping is no different. It isn’t intuitive that you do stretching to improve your leap, but it works like crazy because stretching conditions your muscles to be able to contract fast.

4. Hitting the weights – jumping with weights: this approach might help you jump higher in the short run, but it sure as hell will ruin your spine. Weights are to be used with caution, especially if you’re still growing.

5. Concentrating on legs only

6. Enrolling in the wrong “jump higher” program. A lot of these programs are scam or imitations, you know, so knowing which one to choose is good. You can make your decision based on the few points we discussed here.

There are a bunch of other mistakes you can commit, but we’ll carry on with those in a while. The important thing, though, is to do these exercises in an intelligent way and have fun while you’re at it:)