June 17, 2024


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How to Find Free APK Files of Android Games Apps and Widgets

Android APK or application package files are saved with an ‘.apk’ extension, which is an extension of JAR. If you own an Android device, it will already have installed APK files on it, making it possible for you to distribute and install different Android applications, as well as run it regardless of the Android operating system that you have.

What you need to know about APK files

Before we proceed on how you can find free APK files for android games, apps and widgets, it would be good if you learn the basics about APK files. Most Android device owners are not aware of APK files and do not know what they are for. Although your phone can live without it since OS available for Android devices can handle them on their own, there would be cases where you need to handle different APK files, especially if you have plans of downloading apps and programs other than the Android Market. However, APK files are essential in Android development and if you are a developer for Android apps or have any plans of learning about it, you may want to learn everything you can about APK files.

APK files are distributed in the Android Market, with your Android device automatically installing one once downloaded. Some APK files that are not distributed officially by the Android Market may need to be saved on your device before they are installed. This will contain all the needed information for a program to be installed and successfully run on your device.

How are APK files installed?

In many cases, APK files are automatically installed on Android devices through their Android market app. However, downloading programs from other sources will require you to install the APK file manually, which is typically a straightforward process. All you need to do is save or copy it on your device’s memory.

Once you have it installed and you want to update the file manually, you will need to export a new APK file, and copy it to the device again, the same process as you did for the first time.

Where to find free APK files?

Now the long wait is over. We’re gonna tell you where you can find free APK files for your Android device. Google, which we all consider as the mother of all search engines, can be used for searching for free APK files of games, apps and widgets for Adnroid devices. If you cannot find an app that you want in the Android Market, then Google is your next best option. Keep in mind however, the Google’s Android Market follows a set of rules and regulations before approving and releasing an application submitted by a developer. If they find the app useless or trustworthy, this will be removed from the list. Although third party apps that are not approved or listed in the Android Market are readily available, you will be required to manually install APK files on your device.

To make your search easier, you can use the following terms below when looking for specific types of APK files:

Do a Google search with the following search term –

If you need help or questions on a certain application, you can visit XDA Developers by using the keyword below on your search engine:

Now you are all set to download and install APK files on your Android device!