April 22, 2024


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How to embezzle money in BitLife


For the new challenge this weekend, you have a bit of work ahead of you in BitLife. It’s a life of crime for us all it seems. You can commit several crimes in BitLife, but you’re going to become a master bank robber by the end of this challenge. But aside from robbing banks, you have a few other tasks to complete for the Can’t Catch Me Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife is a game all about living out the weirdest and most insane lives via a massive simulation in a browser game. The simulation takes you all the way from inception to death and allows the player to take on a variety of tasks and life goals as they age. You can do pretty much anything in this game. Whether you want to be a drug dealer or the president of a country, it’s all possible. And in this challenge, you’re going to be living large on someone else’s dime. Here’s what to do when you want to embezzle money in BitLife for the weekly challenge.

How to embezzle money in BitLife

If you want to embezzle money, you need to make sure your character has a full-time or part-time job. That means it’s best to do this part before you start robbing banks in our opinion. That’s because the prison sentence for robbing banks is much harsher, and escaping prison requires its own degree of luck. If you’re looking to rush the challenge completion, that’s the way to do it.

You can do this with any job, although the success rate for higher-paying jobs does seem to be better. This is because you can embezzle money in BitLife at a much faster rate. And since you need to embezzle a total of $100,000, you have a lot more chances to get caught if you do it in smaller amounts. You have time though, so don’t think you have to rush it. Work a job for a few years, then embezzle the money and leave the country.

Go into the Activities tab, then choose Crimes, scroll until you see the Embezzle option. From there, you need to hope you don’t get caught. You get to pick how much money you wish to take and what manner you wish to use, and it’s up to you. It’s best to do a few embezzlements over time, rather than one large sum. Since you need to gain so much money, there’s no harm in taking a few years to do this achievement.

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