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How to Complete the Extraterrestrial Researcher Scenario in The Sims 4


In the scenario titled, Extraterrestrial Researcher, a Sim is determined to discover all there is to know about outer space, and it is up to you to help them fulfill their wish.

How to Complete the Extraterrestrial Researcher Scenario in The Sims 4

The recent Sims 4 updates welcome brand new scenarios and improvements in the main menu interface. The update also included difficulty levels in each scenario, making it easier for players to determine how arduous or lengthy every challenge will be. In this article, we will be looking into an intermediate-level scenario about a researcher who wants nothing more than to make a breakthrough in astrozoology and prove to the world the existence of life in space.

About the Extraterrestrial Researcher Scenario

If you have not tried exploring space with your Sims before, now is the time to give it a whirl. Get ready to build rocket ships, explore the galaxy, and collect alien specimens in the Extraterrestrial Researcher Scenario! Aside from getting a sense of self-satisfaction from finishing a scenario, you will also receive satisfaction points, which always come in handy in improving the lives of your Sims.

Your main objective is to snag at least five specimens and bring them safely back to earth. However, your Sim has to build a rocket ship first before you can start launching them into the void above. But what kind of Sim is suited to assume the role of a curious, intelligent, and possibly eccentric researcher that makes rocket ships from scratch?

Create An Astrozoologist

A Sim who is a young adult or older is what you typically need to begin Sim scenarios. First, you will need a Sim with the Curator Aspiration. The Curator is a sub-Aspiration of the Nature Aspiration. Curators get a better chance to acquire collectibles such as crystals, metals, frogs, and even space creatures.

If you plan on playing this scenario without relying on cheats, you might find that being a space explorer is a pretty expensive hobby. A rocket ship initially costs 5,000 Simoleons, and building it charges you 1,000 Simoleons. Finding a job for your Sim can resolve most of your financial woes. The Astronaut career is one of the best professions you can choose for your space explorer. The upper levels of this career have daily tasks that can blend well with their space expedition activities.

The Bodybuilder Aspiration is also a good choice for aspiring Astronauts. Bodybuilder Sims tend to have positive moodlets every time they work out or hit the gym. Maxing out their Fitness Skill is a requirement to progress in aiming for the highest rank of their career.

The Sims 4: Get to Work comes with the Scientist career, which is a profession that could also work well with the scenario’s objective. Scientists are known to be collectors of items from space that can be used to create serums. The Nerd Brain is a fitting aspiration for Scientists as it will give your Sim the Quick Learner trait.

This bonus trait will make it easy for you to level up their Logic and Handiness skills. Such skills are what Sims need to make a breakthrough in science. Building a rocket ship is also one of the milestones for the Nerd Brain Aspiration. Therefore, Sims will get more satisfaction points as they work on becoming a notable researcher.

After deciding on your preferred aspiration, you may select the personality traits to help your researcher Sim achieve their life goal.

Being focused is a moodlet that your Sim occasionally gets if they are a Genius. Space explorers should be attentive, but they must also be physically fit. Sims who have the Active trait get energized when engaging in physical activities.

Sims who love the outdoors will feel happy whenever they spend their time building and upgrading their space vehicles in their backyard.

Concerning liking and disliking activities, choosing to like Rocket Science and Handiness will cause your Sims to become ecstatic whenever they do activities relating to astronautics and physical labor.

How to Complete the Extraterrestrial Researcher Scenario

The scenario has one clear goal: Bring home five alien creatures from your Sim’s exploration in space. You might encounter some interstellar bumps in the road ahead, so we have written down below some tips that can aid your Sim in pursuing their dreams.

Build a Rocket Ship

Your Sim may start purchasing a rocket ship right away if they have 6,000 Simoleons to spare as you begin the scenario.

However, if you want your Sim to live a humble, middle-class life, they can procure Simoleons earnestly like how they would do it in the Making Money Scenario. And while your Sim tries to make a living, they could also study Rocket Science through reading books. It is recommended to max out their Rocket Science skill so they can build and upgrade objects more efficiently.

You will notice that the Steampunk Flyamajig is the only available rocket ship at the start. The Apollo Rocketship and Retro Rocketship are greyed out and unattainable as they can only be unlocked once Sims make it to the top of the Astronaut career.

Find Alien Life Forms

Constructing a rocket ship may already be a milestone for some Sims, but the challenge only truly begins when they start to explore the cosmos. While your Sims are having an interplanetary adventure, chance cards will appear after a few in-game minutes. Chance cards are random events describing situations in text form. And you will also be prompted to choose between two actions.

The dialogues you choose can either result in a good or bad outcome. You can increase the possibility of getting home safe if you add upgrades to your ship. Getting a bad ending will sometimes cause them to crash and destroy their ship, forcing them to reconstruct it again.

On the other hand, if your Sim’s space exploration goes well, they will attain positive moodlets, cosmic artifacts, and alien specimens. So here is a list of all the creatures that your Sim can bring home from the deep space, along with their rarity and cost:

Live Aliens

  • Live Space Porcupine – Common Specimen (105 Simoleons);
  • Live Pink Whale – Uncommon Specimen (168 Simoleons);
  • Live Red Coral – Uncommon Specimen (215 Simoleons);
  • Live Blue Slugs – Rare Specimen (300 Simoleons);
  • Live Space Squid – Rare Specimen (350 Simoleons);

Dead Aliens

  • Dead Space Porcupine – Common Specimen (72 Simoleons);
  • Dead Pink Whale – Common Specimen (64 Simoleons);
  • Dead Red Coral – Common Specimen (64 Simoleons);
  • Dead Blue Slugs – Common Specimen (64 Simoleons);
  • Dead Space Squid – Uncommon Specimen (200 Simoleons);

Upgrade your Ship

Upon hitting specific levels in a Sim’s Rocket Science skill, ship upgrades become available to improve the vehicle’s stability and performance. Below are all the upgrades Sims can add to their do-it-yourself rocket ship:

Rocket Science Level 1 – Install Landing Stabilizers

Installing stabilizers can decrease the chances of your Sim crash landing on their way home.

Rocket Science Level 3 – Expanded Fuel Storage Tank

Your Sim replaces their ship’s fuel storage with a larger tank for deeper intergalactic travels.

Rocket Science Level 5 – Improve Maneuvering Thrusters

This modification accelerates the ship’s speed, which can help your Sim in situations that require faster travel.

Rocket Science Level 6 – Expanded Cargo Bay

Expanding the ship’s cargo bay allows your Sim to bring home more collectibles and creatures from space.

Rocket Science Level 7 – Install Ion Cannon Defence System

Installing Ion Cannons can help your Sim defend themselves from the adversaries they encounter in the cosmos.

Rocket Science Level 9 – Install Landing Computer

This upgrade decreases the odds of your Sim’s crash landing when their mission fails.

Rocket Science Level 10 – Install Wormhole Generator

The Wormhole Generator allows your Sim to travel to Planet Sixam, a hidden area that came with The Sims 4: Get to Work.

An Odyssey in Space

The Extraterrestrial Researcher stays true to its nature in terms of its difficulty level. It has its challenging moments due to the randomness of space voyage encounters, but overall, it is not that frustratingly hard. The scenario can be completed in a week, but it can take longer than if you decide to succeed in a career while pursuing its goal.

Credits: Rick Sanchez Rockstar Sim grabbed from the gallery of simmer Horrifica


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