Stufful Community Day is here in Pokemon GO, and many fans are wondering if Stufful and its evolution, Bewear, can be shiny. Shiny Pokemon are the true endgame in Pokemon games, but they’re treated a bit differently in Pokemon GO. Just because a Pokemon exists in the game, it doesn’t mean it can be shiny. That can be a bit confusing for some new players, but Pokemon GO veterans are already used to checking online every time a Pokemon is added. Here’s what you need to know about shiny Stufful and Bewear in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Shiny Stufful in Pokemon GO

When a new Pokemon debuts in Pokemon GO, people are always quick to ask if that Pokemon has a chance to be shiny. Yes, Stufful can be shiny in Pokemon GO, and it’ll be quite easy to find a shiny version when it debuts on Stufful Community Day.

If you’ll be playing Pokemon GO on Stufful Community Day, which will take place on Saturday, April 23 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time in your area, Stufful will have a drastically increased shiny rate. On a Community Day, the featured Pokemon’s shiny chance is boosted to 1 in 25, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a shiny Stufful during the event period.

Outside of the Community Day, Stufful can still be shiny, you’ll just have a much harder time finding one. Regardless of when you’re shiny hunting, the best strategy is always to use an Incense and just catch every Stufful you can find. Eventually, you’ll get lucky and find an orange one instead of a pink one, meaning it’s shiny.

Can Bewear Be Shiny?

Yes, Bewear can be shiny just like Stufful. In order to evolve Stufful into Bewear, you’ll need a whopping 400 Candy. The best way to acquire this Candy is on — you guessed it — Stufful Community Day. You’ll get double the amount of Candy during the event period for every catch, so you should be able to gather 400 before the three-hour event is over.

Plus, if you manage to evolve Stufful into Bewear during Community Day, then it will learn a unique Charged Move: Drain Punch. Bewear may not be the best battling Pokemon out there, but it’s still a worthy Fighting-type Pokemon to add to your team if you’re a fan of it.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.


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