During its AORUS Direct event on April 30, Gigabyte announced a brand new line of motherboards: the Z490 series. These boards have been designed with Intel’s new elite 10th Gen desktop processors in mind, and come with a new chipset called Intel Z490 alongside a slew of impressive features and traits. Here’s a detailed overview of everything you need to know about these new motherboards, including a breakdown of the exciting technology in them and specific details about each model.

What’s new with Z490?

(Image credit: Gigabyte)

The Z490 motherboard lineup introduces plenty of new and exciting features that have never been seen on traditional desktop motherboards before. The most significant of these is a new power structure known as Extreme Power Design. This structure makes use of 90A power stages, an Intersil PWM controller, and 16 phases in its voltage regulator module (VRM). All of these powerful pieces of kit allow Z490 motherboards equipped with the Extreme Power Design to provide a whopping 1440A of power to your rig’s CPU, which is unprecedented in the desktop realm. With this kind of power, you can push your processor to its limits and then some without fear of power issues. Additionally, the advanced tantalum polymer capacitors that some of the motherboards use reduce the risk of voltage spikes by 22%, ensuring that the entire system remains stable throughout your gameplay experience.

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