I like Mechwarrior 5 just fine, you say to yourself, but what if it was an RTS? Well, modders love you. They love you almost as much as they love the long-lost MechCommander series. Mechcommander Mercenaries is a mod for Mechwarrior 5 that turns the game into an RTS of sorts. I say of sorts… but it’s pretty much completely functional.

Posted over on Nexus Mods by the eponymous Mechcommander Mercenaries Modders, the mod lets you use a movable camera and a top-down view to issue orders to your lance of mechs. You can order them to move, smash through terrain, attack, use their jump jets, and guard friendlies. You can have the camera follow specific units. The developers say this is a beta release, and it does have its fair share of bugs, but I’m impressed by what’s going on with it. Definitely one to follow.

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