Warframe’s big TennoCon 2020 fan convention is happening today, and during a special presentation about the art of Warframe, Digital Extremes gave our first look at three of the new warframes coming at some point in 2020. One is a Frankenstein-esque monster named Xaku, another is a serpentine scientist called the Alchemist, and the last is known as Wraithe. What’s cool, however, is that all three warframes were designed by artists who either are or were at one point simply fan artists who Digital Extremes has hired or contracted.

You can watch the panel in full here, where members of Warframe’s art team break down each the new designs and the story of how they came into being. Xaku is easily the most interesting of the bunch—if only because they were designed by the community itself. Back in March, Digital Extremes asked players to put forth ideas for a warframe and then hired artists to bring the most popular of those themes to life while the community suggested its abilities. Earlier this week, I interviewed community manager Danielle Sokolowski about the whole process, which you can read here.

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