Tactical shooter Hell Let Loose is free this weekend on Steam alongside a new update that overhauls the game’s animations, sound, and adds its first significant urban combat map. The WW2 shooter’s Update 7 – Battle of Carentan introduces a hellish-looking urban combat map the developers showed off last month. It’s about as terrifying as you’d expect, and that’s a good thing, because it is a fun change of pace from the hedgerows and forests of prior maps. Here’s the update trailer: 

The new update also has a bunch of overhauls to the game’s animations, both first and third person. Climbing over objects is now easier, and looks better. The guns all sound better too, with a new procedural system for each weapon. It’s the kind of attention-to-detail you want from a game that’s trying to look as visually true-to-life as it can. You can find more details about all of this in the update post.

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