Blizzard has announced a new balance patch for Hearthstone that will make changes to a dozen cards in Standard, and will also fix a pretty serious bug with Ethereal Conjurer that causes the game state to lock when it’s played. As patch numbering standards go, 17.2.1 doesn’t sound like much, but in fact, it’s a big one.

Looking at the list of changes, it’s clear that Blizzard has two goals in mind: To rein in the power of Demon Hunter and Warrior, which are currently in a clear tier above all the other classes—a couple of weeks ago the Hearthstone subreddit was making ridiculous custom Demon Hunter cards to mock how OP the class is—and to buff Paladin and Shaman into the realms of actual playability. Hunter, Rogue and Warlock, the next best decks, will also be tuned down slightly, to prevent them from simply stepping into the shoes of our current oppressors.

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