Solving bugs in game development is complicated. Solving bugs in game development when your game is actually half a dozen games, ported to PC from three different consoles across two decades, is very complicated. That’s the broad thrust of the latest Halo: Master Chief Collection community update, which goes into rare, extensive detail about the process of bug fixing a big game. It’s an interesting read that’s surprisingly easy to understand even if you aren’t a game developer, and serves as a direct response to the unfortunately nasty multiplayer bug Halo 2 launched with.

“These releases have been, and will continue to be, a learning experience for our team,” writes senior producer Michael Fahrny. “MCC is a BROAD product and it can be very difficult to make sure everything is 100% where it should be—sometimes things will be missed. Our promise to you is that we will react to situations like these the quickest we possibly can. We are constantly evolving our process to take in new ways to be more efficient with our development and to give our test team confidence that they are getting the time they need to ensure proper coverage is happening.”

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