Hasil gambar untuk HALO – back in XBOX X series

Video games are one of the things that children – and even teenagers – and excessively indulging in. There are different aspects to video games and different ways in which they can affect the individuals who are playing them. Back in the day, games were simple, and children quickly and easily grew out of them in search of more interesting activities like book reading and much more. Nowadays, games are much more graphics-heavy and interesting – playing them is like being in a completely different though limited dimension. Children, therefore, take longer to grow out of them and follow these activities well through their teenage till they step into professional lives and get too busy to pursue them. However, there has been extensive documentation on how video games affect children.

For example, the game HALO supported by Xbox X is one that involves a lot of blood and gore (rated 17+). There are good aspects and effects of video games and bad aspects and effects of video games. Both kinds must be considered while judging any game. Most of the games that teenage boys love to play involve violence and rudeness that is perceived as “cool” and “thrilling” by them. That is one of the negative aspects of video games that affects the psychology of children in a negative way – that is if they are unable to perceive the difference in reality and fantasy clearly and accurately, and do connect some parts of the game with their real lives. On the other hand, games also have a positive aspect related to the cognitive abilities of individuals.

Children who play action games tend to be much more advanced than their peers in terms of alertness, cognitive ability, management, and much more. These abilities are said to be maximum in childhood and decrease with age, but the people who play video games tend to sustain improved cognitive abilities for longer than other individuals. However, for children who are too involved in video games and losing out on other informative and productive activities like reading, there are different courses offered that can improve their reading and learning habits. HALO has both negative and positive aspects but learning and reading habits can only improve the cognitive and analytical abilities of your children. To find out more about the latest games, you can check Game Seek.