Halo 3 testing officially kicked off last week, giving Halo Insiders a chance to get their hands on the next addition to Halo: The Master Chief Collection before it’s rolled out to the world at large. 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrad said yesterday that more people are being invited into the test, which has been extended to June 26, and he also had a very stern warning for everyone taking part.

Jarrard didn’t expand upon what “consequences in the retail game” means, but the warning echoes a statement Jarrard made earlier in June, before the Halo 3 testing started. “Racism and bigotry have no place in the world or Halo. We have a zero tolerance policy and are committed to taking more action to remove this behavior from our games and community,” he tweeted. “The Banhammer is fired up. Consider this your only warning.”

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