Epic’s Grand Theft Auto 5 giveaway in May was so popular that it broke the Epic Games Store: Demand was so high that it caused problems ranging from odd hinkiness to complete inaccessibility for an entire day. It also kicked off a series of four major game giveaways that pushed the Epic Games Store’s peak concurrent user count to within shouting distance of Steam.

The giveaways of GTA5, followed by Civilization 6, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, and (after an unexpected delay) Ark: Survival Evolved collectively made up a “user acquisition campaign” known as The Vault, reflecting the fact that unlike most Epic freebies, they were hidden behind an image of a large vault door—locked in, you might say—until the giveaways were live. The campaign was a major success, Epic said today, pushing the Epic Games Store to an average peak concurrent user count of 13 million, and its monthly active user total to more than 61 million.

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