April 13, 2024


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Growing Up, a life simulation game set in the 90s, receives Android release

Publisher Coconut Island Games and developer Vile Monarch have released a mobile port of their PC game Growing Up, a life simulator set in the days of the 90s. After garnering a 90% positive review rate on Steam, the game is looking to attract even more of an audience using the mobile market.

Calling upon the days that will likely bring a hint of nostalgia to most adults nowadays, Growing Up allows you to experience the full life of a custom made human that begins in the early 90s. Throughout the journey, you’ll be making permanent choices that will affect the entirety of your playthrough, even if they may seem inconsequential in the moment. You’ll also be controlling quite literally every aspect of this person’s simulated life in a hand-drawn art style setting, deciding who to make friends with, how to spend your free time, and which activities you get involved in.


With over 30 locations to explore, each completely handcrafted and unique, the scenery of the game calls back to that strange era of rapid social change and rising pop culture, exploring the rise of famous movies and music all whilst enjoying the city at your own pace. Each and every character made in the game will have a completely different story according to the player’s actions, causing them to face different challenges and meet different people.

The game even sports a skill tree to allow your character to become proficient at certain things, such as mathematics or English or even craft skills like construction and mechanics. With over 42 different career choices, where your character excels will be entirely up to you. Will you become an astronaut, a CEO, even the president? Or will you keep it quiet and relaxed, enjoying life as a teacher or a hostess? The choice is entirely yours.

Growing Up is out now on Google Play for $4.99. Unfortunately, no word on an Apple release has been heard, but you can keep an eye out on Vile Monarch’s official Twitter handle in case any updates are released.

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