May 20, 2024


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Goodbye World – Beta Demo


Goodbye Earth is a narrative pushed experience where by you play a retro puzzle platforming game on a Gameboy and find out the tale of two indie video game developers who are having difficulties to discover inspiration and success.

In Goodbye Environment you abide by the tale of Kanii and Kumade, two indie developers who satisfied in faculty and made the decision to make video games jointly. They have produced various online games by now, none of which have experienced considerably professional success. Kanii keeps on pushing and is determined to make a prosperous game, even to the detriment of the relaxation of her life. Kumade on the other hand, may possibly be about to deal with a harsh reality…

All of this narrative plays out in concerning shorter puzzle platforming ranges performed out on a battered outdated Gameboy styled handheld console. The platforming is pretty easy, but you also have the capability to eliminate blocks and place them in other places, which can make for some intriguing puzzles.

The puzzle platforming gameplay does not feel specially connected to the story (which is even alluded to in the tale), but it’s a exciting addition that breaks up the chapters of the tale really very well. It’ll be interesting to see in which the story goes as it’s extremely very well prepared and does a fantastic position of encapsulating the struggles of activity growth. Ideally they handle to obtain some variety of results in game titles or in their life!

Download the Goodbye Planet Beta Demo Listed here (Steam)


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