Cities: Skylines is one of the best city builders on PC and if you’ve always wanted to know whether the city planning life was for you, now is the best time to find out. The base game is currently available to buy on the Humble Store for $1 / £1 and will stay at that discount for the next two weeks. It’s a ridiculous discount compared to its normal price tag of $29 / £23.

The Humble Cities: Skylines bundle lets you choose from a number of different tiers that include different DLC. Beat the average price of $9 / £6 and you’ll get the Concerts, Snowfall, Natural Disasters, and High-Tech Buildings DLC. Pay $18 / £15 and you’ll get six more expansions: Mass Transit, Green Cities, Industries, Campus, Art Deco creator pack, and the European Suburbia creator pack.

The major expansions cost around $15 / £12 each (with smaller creator packs usually around a couple of dollars) and so, going from the full prices on Steam, buying all these individually would set you back around $100 / £80. Not all the expansions are included, such as the most recent expansion Sunset Harbour, but it’s still a steal. 

There’s a lot of city-building madness in the bundle so if you want to dip a pinky toe in first, Cities: Skylines is free-to-play on Steam for the weekend.  

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