A new contender for your favourite match-3 game, Garden Affairs was recently released to rave reviews. This relaxing and soothing puzzler will allow you to truly mellow out while also keeping your brain engaged enough to focus.

Garden Affairs is, as previously mentioned, a match-3 puzzler with a side of renovation simulator. Set in the aptly named Matchview, the player will inherit a forgotten estate that is in desperate need of repair. To help you out with this, you’ll call upon your character’s childhood friend Alice, an interior designer. Together you’ll navigate the large estate, solving puzzles, repairing bits and pieces, decorating the place, and even adopting adorable animals to spruce it up a bit.


Where most puzzle games might lack in the story department, Garden Affairs wants to put an emphasis on story and style throughout the journey. Each exciting next piece of the tale is being unlocked with every restoration you make to the estate as you watch the cast experience their own ups and downs, rights and wrongs, and interpersonal dramas. This is a story to get you invested and connected with the characters. Key moments in the story are all illustrated purely by hand, offering original artwork to incentivize your progress as well.

Despite having only been released a week ago, the game is already packed with content. Some of what you’ll experience both right now and in future updates are;

  • Over 1400 levels currently available
  • The entire mansion is unlockable, with 11 different areas to explore, decorate, and renovate
  • 5 branch rooms with more renovation, story, and even new characters to learn about
  • Several recurring events that provide rewards, like collecting original paintings in Nellie’s Mojo or growing Alan’s Garden
  • Long-term battle-passes to unlock exclusive premium items
  • More pets, locations, outfits, team battles, and even gameplay formats are gradually making their way into the game with each update.

Garden Affairs is available now worldwide in 13 different languages, and you can find it for free on both Google Play and the App Store, so get out there and start renovating!

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