Vizio just announced its “2021 TV collection,” and in addition to the usual LCD model refreshes, the company is launching its first OLED TVs. These will arrive in 65-inch and 55-inch sizes at comparatively tantalizing price points to what’s currently available in the OLED space, and will land around the same time as AMD’s next-generation Navi GPUs and Nvidia’s Ampere offerings.

Slated for this fall, the 55-inch model will cost $1,200 and the 65-inch model will run $2,000. While not cheap in and of themselves, they’re cheaper than LG’s well regarded CX lineā€”LG’s 65-inch CX model has a $2,800 MSRP (on sale for $2,400) and the 55-inch model lists for $1,800 (on sale for $1,700).

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