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Games Workshop Announces New Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Supplement

April 22, 2022 by Polar_Bear

A new supplement for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game is on just over the horizon. And that’s good, because the subject of the book comes from over the horizon as well. This new book will give us rules and background for the Dragon Emperor of Rhûn. Have yourselves a look-see.

From the article:

In the latest instalment of The Road Goes Ever On and On, Middle-earth rules writer Jay Clare returns to discuss another upcoming release for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, and it’s a big one! The next supplement, Defence of the North, is not far away, and with it comes the fabled Dragon Emperor of Rhûn! Over to Jay…

Jay: The Dragon Emperor is the greatest of the Easterlings – a legendary Rhûnish warrior shrouded in mystery who rules with an iron fist. There are many great stories about his exploits, and his people are utterly devoted to his rule.

It was under the command of the Dragon Emperor that Amdûr founded the Order of the Black Dragons, an elite warrior cult dedicated to their liege’s will on the battlefield. When Sauron commanded the Easterlings to march upon Erebor, the Dragon Emperor himself led a mighty host from atop his Royal Palanquin – a truly awesome sight to behold.

The Dragon Emperor of Rhûn finally provides the Easterlings with a Hero of Legend to lead them into battle – and a stunning one at that! Let’s take a quick look at how he plays.