fortnite v12.40 update patch notes deadpool x force skins

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite v12.40 update is here, and it’s bringing a handsome new face. Well, as handsome as X-Force Deadpool can get, and that’s still a mug only a mother could begrudgingly love. There’s plenty of other additions to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, so read on for a complete patch notes summary.

What’s in v12.40?

Like most Fortnite updates, V12.40 comes with a number of bug fixes. Epic doesn’t keep an official public document of bug fixes anymore, but their Trello board does clue us into a few fixes. For one, a bug that made it so Midas’ golden touch didn’t actually turn items gold has been addressed. Other changes include:

  • Grenades are temporarily disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to interact with Ollie, blocking completion of Skye’s faction mission.
  • The “pull a player or a henchman with a harpoon gun” challenge wasn’t working with henchmen. Has since been fixed.
  • Fixed an error with visualized audio cues pulsing icons instead of being solid.

X-Force (and alt Deadpool) skins are coming

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