Grammy-nominated rapper and producer Travis Scott is going on a mini-tour in Fortnite. From April 23-25, Scott will perform five in-game shows for players around the world that will feature the premiere of a brand-new track called Astronomical.

The doors will open, in a metaphorical sense, 30 minutes before each show:

  • April 23 – The Americas – 7PM EDT
  • April 24 – EU & ME – 10AM EDT
  • April 25 – Asia & Oceania – 12AM EDT
  • April 25 – EU & ME – 11AM EDT
  • April 25 – The Americas – 6PM EDT

And Scott isn’t just here to play some music: He’s also joining the game in a more permanent sense as part of the Fortnite Icon Series, a collection of in-game cosmetics inspired by artists and content creators including Ninja, Jordan Fisher, Pokimane, and Elly. Fortniters will be able to pick up Scott’s outfits, emotes, and other in-game items, and anyone who attends the Astronomical event will be given the Astroworld Cyclone Glider and two loading screens for free. More free kit will be unlockable via a series of Astronomical Challenges that will begin on April 21.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Travis Scott concert comes just over a year after Marshmello’s live show, which reportedly drew more than ten million viewers in-game and millions more who watched online. Scott’s concert could pull in even bigger numbers: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in stay-at-home orders around the world, and that means there are an awful lot of gamers out there with an awful lot of extra free time on their hands.

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