Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is here and with it a ton of updates, big (the hunting rifle is back!) and small (headshot damage has been nerfed a touch). Unfortunately, Epic doesn’t put out patch notes anymore, so we’re left to pick through all the changes ourselves. Lucky for you, I speak Fortnite, so most of the eye-catching stuff stands out immediately and Reddit is on the case sifting through the remainder. Here’s a look at the unofficial Fortnite Season 3 patch notes. We’ll update with anything else we unearth in the coming days. 

Fortnite Season 3 patch notes

Half the map is underwater now, which places a higher emphasis on mobility rather than the usual build battles. With less real estate to build on, getting to and fro either to out run the storm or island hop your way to a better vantage is way more important now. We’ll have a closer look at the map changes soon. But, hey, speaking of mobility…

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